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DREAM’s less than grand Grand Prix

July 10th’s DREAM.15 is starting to come together and as usual promises of awesome fights from the past have slowly turned into disappointing realities in the now. Still cool: Shinya Aoki vs Kawajiri and JZ vs Katsunori Kikuno. Not happening: a heavyweight title fight for Alistair Overeem (DREAM can’t seem to book a decent heavyweight fight to save their lives), and much lamer than originally thought: the DREAM Light Heavyweight Grand Prix. It’s not really ‘Grand’ anymore, and here are the four (yes, only four) competitors in their first round fights:

Yes, you read it right: blast from the past Jake ‘Blanket’ O’Brien – the wrestler so awful and boring the UFC used him to try and lay’n’pray Andrei Arlovski out of the UFC – is going to face off against Gegard Mousasi to see if Mousasi has been donning a singlet since his loss to King Mo and working on that no takedown defense problem. And Melvin Manhoef faces some guy who’s going to lose. Very compelling.