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DREAM.6 creates new hype sensations

If you thought the days of PRIDE overhype were over, you thought wrong. With the end of the DREAM middleweight grand prix, two new names have become ingrained on the tongues and fingertips of fanboys around the world: Jacare and Mousasi.

People are now talking about these guys being the breath of fresh air that the UFC needs to keep things interesting for Anderson Silva. I know I probably won’t be the most popular person for speculating about this, but here’s my take on how these guys would do in the UFC: TERRIBLY. Like … it would amaze me if they could even come close to fighting their way into contendership.

While Jacare has his spectacular moments, he also couldn’t submit Jason Miller in the first round of the tournament. And Mousasi won his brackets with a triangle against Kang that had more to do with Kang blowing it than Mousasi landing it. He then decisioned the 3-5 Dong Sik Yoon, submitted Melvin Manhoef (the world’s worst ground fighter) and KO’d Jacare with a wild upkick. Cool? Yeah. Entertaining? Sure. Does this put the guy into the top ten list? I don’t think so.

I have no idea what causes people to throw rationality out the window when it comes to shit like this in Japan. Manhoef and Jacare have so many holes in their game that if their game were cheese it’d be swiss. Mousasi we’re not sure about, but how about not jumping the gun on the hyperbole, please?