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Amazingly enough, this video wasn’t made by the guys from DREAM. It was done by some Finnish guy named Hiostaja who’s just fucking awesome. And yes, he knows Aoki hasn’t won yet but had this to say about including him:

a) I didn’t want to wait for 2 weeks to find out if he made it.

b) In Aoki we trust.

  • Michael says:

    Wow, that was pretty fucking good.

  • Wu Tang says:

    Damn.. Im on their bandwagon NOW!!!

  • Ed says:

    Pride FC is back but with a different name! I love it! I have watched all 4 Dreams and will continue to do so religiously! After the UFC lied to Dream Entertainment to get them to come off of Pride for so many million, like any corporate take over, I highly doubt the Japanese will be letting this one go! Especially to the UFC! And by the way… that crazy ass choke Aoki pulled off was phenominal!!!! I’m sure we’ll be seeing that more often! And Alister’s amazing knockout ROCKED!! He has gotten much better on the stand up! Glad to hear the trills of Lenny Hardt (woman announcer) again! Bruce Buffer…eat your heart out!