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DREAM.5 card is complete!

Yesterday they announced the majority of the DREAM 5 card, and I was a bit dissapointed. Mind you, I would still tune in just to see the LW grand prix finals even if the rest of the card consisted of Sakuraba being powerbombed over and over by a series of 7 foot tall supermen. Actually, that sounds like a pretty sweet way to spend 3 hours.

My main beef is with them putting Akiyama up against Katsuyori Shibata, who’s on a four fight winning streak – oops, I mean losing streak. Four fight losing streak. Shibata is ” target=”_blank”>a pro wrestler and has never really accomplished anything in MMA. But he did manage to actually kill a pro wrestler by the name of Masakazu Fukuda back in 2000, so I guess you could say he is dangerous.

Then there’s Kuniyoshi Hironaka versus Motoki Miyazawa. If Hironaka sounds familiar, it’s because he was bouncing around the UFC for the past two years, losing to Jon Fitch, Thiago Alves, and Jonathan Goulet. Miyazawa is a hot prospect coming out of the Greatest Common Multiple promotion. I know you ignorant racist bastards usually don’t pay attention to all-Japper fights, but this one here has the potential to be a really awesome battle, so make sure to youtube it, okay?

Continuing the tradition of matching Kid Yamamoto up against obscure opponents, they have him facing Joseph Benavidez. Not much is known about Benavidez other than the fact that he trains with Urijah Faber and has a 7-0 record against unspectacular opposition from regional shows in California. No word yet on if Kid is gonna need to judges to save him from a loss like with Bibiano Fernandes or if he’ll just cheat and soccer kick Joseph like he did to Rani Yahya.

Now this morning it’s been announced that Mark Hunt will be fighting Jerome Lebanner, which will be their fifth (5th) fight against eachother (but first in MMA). But don’t worry, this isn’t a shitty series of fights … all four fights thus far have been pretty awesome, with the third fight being one of my favorite K1 matches of all time. The only way I could be happier with Hunt’s opponent is if the reanimated corpse of Andy Hug stepped into the ring for one last go. Check out the video below – specifically 4:30 in for the 3rd match highlights if you’re short on time – to see the history between Hunt and LeBanner. This almost makes up for Mirko not fighting!

Oh yeah, and of course you’ve got the aforementioned LW Grand Prix finals:

Lightweight GP reserve match: Joachim Hansen vs. Black Mamba
Lightweight GP: Eddie Alvarez (-105) vs. Tatsuya Kawajiri (-125)
Lightweight GP: Shinya Aoki (-350) vs. Caol Uno (+250)
Lightweight GP finals

Odds are already up for the grand prix over at our sportsbook BetUS, and I plan on making a play on Alvarez and a hail mary on Caol Uno just because he’s crafty and I’m thinking Aoki might show up cocky. Not that I’m giving Uno a better chance of winning than Aoki … I just think he has a better chance than the odds show of dragging this to a decision.

As always, BetUS is our choice for UFC betting and beyond because they’re cool people. If you’re going to bet thousands of dollars on Shibata, I’d recommend doing it with them rather than those other bookies (who have herpes … allegedly). We’ll update you next week when odds for the rest of the card go up, and if you do decide to open an account make sure to mention us!