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DREAM.2 MW Tournament, now with 100% more old man

That ‘scab’ on Sakuraba’s leg isn’t stopping him from fighting at DREAM.2 … in fact, it looks like Sakuraba will be competing in the tournament itself, which is cool but scary at the same time. While they gave the old man the softest of all softballs in the first round (some karate dude, for fuck’s sake), you know he’s going to run into Denis Kang or some other fighter full of youth, vigor, and destructive ability in the second or third round.

Honestly, that’s kinda the appeal with Sakuraba nowadays … I like watching him try to defy the odds and defeat his opponents with craftiness and heart. We watch Sakuraba fight for the same reason we used to watch those old 70’s stuntmen try and jump 20 pickup trucks: because no matter how it ends, you know it’s going to be entertaining. Of course, those stuntmen usually ended up in traction or dead, and I’m kinda worried that Sakuraba might end up the same way.

  • goo says:

    I only know about this from suki mma.
    Does anyone know if all this “I have a sore leg”, “I was only here today to let people use my gym for a press conference”, “am I really fighting in the tournament?” stuff just a weird joke like it seems to be.


  • j says:

    I agree on why we watch Sakuraba. Something entertaining about cartwheels to pass guard and that double hand strike ground and pound.

    You really have to wonder if Sakuraba is stupid or super arrogant or something else completely. I can’t believe he fought Wanderlei 3 times. :(

    I forgot how much I used to love Sakuraba until you guys posted that highlight from youtube. Thanks!

  • danaunclefesterwhite says:

    As much as I love PRIDE, I admit that it is annoying to see how DSE and FEG would play favorites so much with Japanese stars (and the odd gaijin star. Bob Sapp I’m looking at you). I love Sakuraba but it’s bs how they feed him the biggest can of the tournament purposefully to ensure that he gets into the later rounds. They really need to have a proper draw for the GP brackets in my opinion. But I guess that would not be a “marketable” decision over there in Japan.

    I’m not an MMA purist but handpicking cans for Sakuraba to help him go as far into the tournament as possible does a disservice to the sporting aspect of mixed martial arts. I’m all for not calling back boring fighters and paying them less money but if you’re going to fudge a tournament bracket or give title shots based on marketability (UFC and boxing are guilty of this too sometimes) rather than giving it to the guy on the roster with the most merit, that’s BS. It makes the event look more like pro wrestling rather than a legitimate competitive sport when you fudge things to try to influence results.

    On the positive side though, at least Sakuraba will eventually be forced to fight someone who would easily beat him. At most, you could protect him for one, maybe two rounds. But still, I don’t like it when FEG and DSE try to do shit to help their favorites win.

    The non-title matches (another aspect of pro wrestling) that PRIDE had was also stupid. There’s no excuse for that crap.

  • x5BoltMainx says:

    If you’re going out, so might as well do it with style.

  • Wu Tang says:

    Frank Shammrock Vs Le was an AWESOME FIGHT!!! Best fight so far in 2008, poss can get fight of the year!!!