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DREAM.2 and .3 shaping up

We’ve already talked about Aoki vs JZ rematching at DREAM.2, but that’s not all that’s going on in the world of Japan. They’ve just released some more lightweight bracket info for DREAM.3:

In May, the next round of the lightweight GP will get underway, with Kaoru Uno stepping in against Mitsuhiro Ishida in what should be a classic battle between strength and technique, and Joachim Hansen taking on the rising star Eddie Alvarez, who basically pwntZeriosed Andre Dida in the first round. Hansen vs. Alvarez will be guaranteed fireworks, as will Buscape vs. Kawajiri.

Hansen vs Alvarez should be wicked … it’ll be interesting to see if Hansen can handle someone with Alvarez’s firepower.

There’s also some controversy over Sakuraba’s participation in the middleweight tournament. I’m convinced that he’s just fucking with everyone, but you have to wonder how the people trying to promote the show feel about him constantly throwing doubt on his participation:

-DREAM announced that your participation in the middleweight GP officially. How’s the right leg?
My right leg? It’s healed. I don’t think I can fight in the tournament because my left leg is now injured.
– Your fight was announced in the conference though?
I came here to open the door for Funaki’s interview, and somehow my fight was announced.
– Tell me why you don’t like the tournament?
I want to concentrate on my upcoming fight and put everything into the fight. I don’t want to worry about the next. I also have a problem with my legs.
– Are you talking about your NEW injury on your left leg???
Yes. Look, swollen, right?
– A bit though.
Look, one more time from the side! You know what, I have been telling not to fight in the tournament since I spoke in the ring in DREAM 1.
– Yeah right, your injury was switched from the right to the left though.
My left was in a serious condition. I doubt if I’m ready for the tournament.
– I hope the traffic is not bad. Any message to your fans?
Thank you to your support. I will probably fight.

Again, maybe we’re missing the obvious joke here because it’s lost in translation. But come on now. “I will probably fight”???