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DREAM.14 quick thoughts

Minowaman is getting pretty proficient at taking apart large guys with dubious MMA skills.

Kid Yamamoto is back! So long as by ‘back’ you mean he managed to beat someone who was 4-2 and on a two loss skid. Let’s at least hope this meaningless win manages to give Kid the confidence he needs to return to the brash aggro dickface we all knew and loved.

It must suck when you drop down in weight expecting to be top dog in your new class but the guys there are like “No bitch, you’re down there.” This has now happened to Joachim Hansen twice.

Poor Sakuraba can’t even beat a 2-0 Gracie now. He can keep carrying on if he wants because his fights are still entertaining, but I pray DREAM doesn’t put him in the cage with anyone liable to smash his face in.

Mach Sakurai spent the first half of the the round on his back punching Nick Diaz square in the back of the head. Screw that ref and his “No, punchu” mumbo jumbo! The second half he spent on top of Nick. Actually, it was less than a half, because Nick turned that shit into an armbar and subbed Mach out pretty quick.