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DREAM wouldn’t mind having Fedor / Overeem

Inter-promotional love affairs in MMA are doomed to failure, mainly because when push comes to shove both promotions have their own best interests at heart. Team DREAMForce has lasted pretty long as far as these kinds of partnerships go, mainly because they haven’t really bothered to do all that much together yet. But shit might get a little wonky now that DREAM is coveting it’s neighbor’s Fedor fight … the one with Alistair Overeem specifically.

Overeem, the Strikeforce heavyweight champion, called out Fedor on Sunday and said he’d be willing to fight him in either Dream or Strikeforce, but would prefer Dream. When Sasahara was told about Overeem’s desire to fight Fedor, he said he was excited about the possibility of it.

“That would be great,” Sasahara said. “That’s a fight I really want to see. … It’s not an easy fight to get together but it’s a fight I would like to see. I’ll do what I can to make it happen in the near future.”

The fun thing about this idea is it works out quite nicely for DREAM, Overeem, Fedor, and M-1. It works out for everyone except Strikeforce and CBS. So this begs the question: what’s stopping this fight from happening in Japan? Fedor’s Strikeforce contract ain’t exclusive. And Alistair Overeem is avoiding America like Roman Polanski. If M-1 Global makes more money off international TV distribution rights if this fight is held in Japan, you could very well be seeing the guy Strikeforce is building their org around fight their heavyweight champion … in another organization. But that’s too much of a punchline to actually happen. Right?