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DREAM sucks at booking fights

Goddamn does DREAM ever suck at setting up fights properly. Word’s been getting around all over the place that Mirko CroCop is going to be fighting Jerome LeBanner at DREAM.4. Not so fast, says Jerome’s management:

Today’s situation: K1 offered a title fight vs Schilt at K1 Japan in June (K1 rules) and a fight vs CC at Dream in JULY (not June) under MMA rules. JLB is interested by both fights. We are in discussion/negotiation right now, so none of these two fights are signed nor officials. Maybe JLB will fight these 2 fights, maybe 1, maybe 0… It has to be determined by our negotiation.

And lets not forget DREAM announcing Frank Trigg vs Jacare for their middleweight tournament, and then Trigg saying “uuuuuuh no”:

They made the announcement that I was going to fight Jacare. Actually I was getting Jacare ready for the fight while he was at Xtreme Couture and my manager Ricco Chiporelli actually helped his manager do the contract negotiations. It was kind of weird that they were announcing that I was going to fight Jacare when we were helping him get ready to get in the tournament. It was just a secondary thought about me going into it.

Last but not least, there’s also the issues of Shinya Aoki stating he didn’t want to fight in the next round of the lightweight tournament, and Sakuraba saying he didn’t want to participate in the middleweight tournament at all. Overall, DREAM has been a complete clusterfuck when it comes to bookings – they can’t seem to pull anything together without some kind of drama or other. But hey, who needs to do their jobs properly when they can just badmouth fighters:

SASAHARA producer said
“Frank said OK about this card”
“But He announced out ,this was onside announce”
“He demanded fightmoney UP”
So,in japanese fans believe Frank is greed, chickin,and lier……..

Also, do you guys think I’m too far off in thinking the Aoki fight was turfed to the opening slot because Aoki dared to defy his DREAM masters?

  • Jackie Chiles says:

    Are these fights on HDNet tomorrow night? That whole situation confuses me.

  • Joon4s says:

    What would Trigg know? He didn’t even know that he was fighting Dewees, but it still happened. But yeah, Dream booking suckage continues where Pride left off.

  • Anonymouse says:

    Remember…DREAM doesn’t have the same fascist contracts that the UFC does. In that respect I think it’s better for the fighters…DREAM throws out offers to the fighters, then the fighters throw back stipulations to DREAM and so forth until the deadline arrives.

    In the UFC Joe Silva says, “Hey, you’re fighting on X day for X amount…don’t like it? Tough.” And there is no back and forth to the process.

    Also, after Aoki and Sakuraba both compete in the second round of their tournaments, or LeBanner fights CroCop at DREAM.4, I hope some MMA site will have the courage to eat crow and point out their wild speculation was misplaced and overblown.

  • One could say that the wild speculation is on the ones that declares that things are locked in, not the blogs pointing out that all the fighters have said “things aren’t locked in yet”

  • Anonymouse says:

    In the Aoki link to your own site someone revised Suki’s poor translation of the Aoki interview where he allegedly said that he would not fight in the second round into a completely different sentiment, yet MMA sites around the interbutts have still kept the faulty translation.

    In the case of Sakuraba through his entire career he has written off tournaments, yet has won UFC Japan tournament and competed in multi-grand prixs in PRIDE. Also, he is a known jokester who says a bunch of random crap which no one should take seriously.

    In the case of LeBanner/CroCop…DREAM has NOT announced any such fight. It is the speculation of bloggers and forum posters that have fueled those rumors…

    And are you actually posting that fucking Engrish shit from gryphon like it has an relevance?? “He demanded fightmoney UP.” lulz

    MMA news sites really need to reevaluate what they take as MMA fact, and what they should take as MMA fiction.