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DREAM set to return with Sakuraba vs Aoki

Now that K-1 has been sold to mysterious Chinese investors, the mantle of sketchiest fight promotion in Japan now falls to DREAM. Completely silent since their New Years collaboration with pro wrestling magnate Antonio Inoki, many people thought DREAM was dead. But now there are rumblings that it will return this summer, and with an interesting match attached to headline: Sakuraba vs Shinya Aoki.

Sakuraba has never been one to worry too much about weightclasses, and in this case that actually works out in his advantage. This time it’s Shinya Aoki’s turn to fight a couple of divisions up. I’m sure he’s just happy to get a proper MMA fight against an opponent who’s known for more than just cross-dressing. Sakuraba’s got many schticks and dressing up like a chick is just one of them!

As for Saku, word is this will be his retirement match. After a five year stretch that saw him go 2-6, this is something of a relief. His ear literally fell off during a recent fight and even hand picked opponents were starting to drub him easily. While his chances of beating Aoki are slim, at least DREAM was nice enough not to match him up against a raging sh*t kicker who’d bash his face in. Now the biggest risk he faces is not getting paid.

  • Ron Jeremy says:

    They really wanna see the poor guy lose a body part permanently. Leave the elderly alone!

  • Reverend Clint says:

    i hope saku elbows gayoki in the neck

  • Giallo says:

    This better be his last fight. how fucking sad his career turned out the way it did since taking the shit kickings from Wanderlei. And if this is his last fight they’ll probably pay aoki to to take the dive

  • iamphoenix says:

    i want my justin beiber avatar back.

  • DJ ThunderElbows says:

    There’s a part of that sees Aoki tearing out his knee by accident, but I’m hoping this will actually be a fun match.  Aww crap, that didn’t last long, now I see Aoki being a dick and testing his new MT training on Saku’s head.  Fuck.

    And Pheonix, have you tried changing it?

  • Nada says:

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