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DREAM scrambling to find someone Mirko can destroy

Rumor has it that the original plan was to have Mirko CroCop fight Bob Sapp at the first DREAM event. I’m calling it a rumor because I have serious doubts that Sapp is stupid enough to step back into the ring with the guy who cracked his facebone last time they encountered eachother. But the rumor continues that it looks like the plan is off because of Bob Sapp’s loss to Jan Nortje at last weekend’s Strikeforce. Which also smells: since when has anyone in Japan given a fuck about Bob Sapp’s record? I’d be amazed if there were more than a handful of fans who even knew Bob Sapp fought last weekend in the US.

Anyways, the scramble is on to find someone Mirko can beat the shit out of and at least one guy (Ray Sefo) had the good sense to turn down the fight on account of it being two weeks away. Mirko Crocop has even taken the time to post about the opponent issue in his blog:

Unfortunately I still don’t have an opponent for my first fight on March 15. It seems that nobody wants to enter the ring with me and fight without time for preparation. Despite everything, I believe that Dream will find me an opponent as I can hardly wait for my next fight. I don’t care who I fight against. I just want to enter the ring and fight the best I can.

It’ll be interesting to see who DREAM gets … if they’re already out asking guys like Ray Sefo, they must really be scraping the bottom of the barrel.

  • JackalAss says:

    I’ll take the challenge Cro-Cop.

    I don’t need time to prepare for the fight…just this small list of items.

    • 1 bed spring matress
    • 10 phone books
    • 2 rolls of ducktape
    • taser
    • and finally a can of mace

    I say make this fight happen!

  • kentyman says:

    I’d take that fight too, so long as it’s in a cage.

  • godzillad says:

    That’s something else you guys never touch on: In the rare cases PRIDE did match up two quality guys, one of them always had less time to prepare for it than would take to get an e-mail.

  • Idea. Get Tank. He’ll fight on short notice and hes didn’t take to much damage from Kimbo.

    They’ll probably introduce him as the best fighter in America and that he dominated the UFC.

  • Márcio says:

    Plenty of guys to fight in the UFC… I guess being a pussy doesn’t pay off.

  • DannyP72 says:

    Get James Thompson. Everybody wins

  • GonzoDamon says:

    You are really reaching for newsworthy posts here, Ryan!
    This is one of your worst posts in a long time.

    1. Bob Sapp is driven by the money. If you pay him enough, he would probably do rhino porno (Sapp receiving).
    2. DREAM didn’t give up on Cro Cop vs. Sapp simply because he lost. He basically got KO’d and cut open, hence he wouldn’t be able to fight. (Not to say that he wouldn’t be medically cleared, though he wouldn’t, but Japanese promotions don’t have to obey.)
    3. Ray Sefo would be a SERIOUS THREAT to Mirko, despite having only 1 MMA fight. This fight would not go to the ground until one them follows the other down after a KO to finish up and MAYBE if one of them was clearly winning the kickboxing game.
    4. Sefo is taking his MMA career seriously, now being a member of Xtreme Couture.

    Personally, particularly not knowing where Cro Cop’s head is at, I think that Sefo would beat him. Well, considering how he has been fighting lately and how he fought against Kongo, it would be a good fight. Mirko is only 2 inches taller than Sefo…

  • Raul Duke says:

    I wonder if Paul Buentello would accept it? I would like to see that.

  • Swedish guy says:

    I just think it’s too bad that Sefo started training MMA just recently. I mean, the guy is 37, he’s not going to make an impact in the division, but judging from his K-1 performance (not necessarily his record…) over the years and his ability to take punishment before knocking a dude out, he could’ve been a real threat – ten years ago. At this point, he’s just going to make a fool of himself.

  • Captain says:

    Was the Mighty Mo rumor proven false? I think Hunt and Kongo proved that Mirko is susceptible to getting outwroked in the stand-up but being too pigheaded to take the fight to the ground where he could have probably beat either one. Mo or Sefo could be dangerous though both of them like to bang and neither one has the head of Hunt.

  • Teufel says:

    Forget Mighty Mo, Hunt and Sefo. If Cro-Cop wants to show off his true stand-up skills he must battle the most feared striker on the planet; Eldari Kurtanidze.

  • Captain says:

    ^^^Haha… with a stance like this ( how could you possibly go wrong?

  • Captain says:

    I hate it when links don’t… you know… link.

  • Mobb Deep says:

    I Agree, when Mirko fights kickboxers around his level, he should take it to the ground, but his pride gets in the way and he ends up working much harder than he has too.

  • muhr says:

    Mirko attempted to take Hunt down several times when they fought in Pride and failed every time. The only time Mirko got top position was when Hunt came charging in and bounced Mirko off the ropes and then fell backwards. Mirko’s takedowns are terrible. Sefo is probably sturdy on his feet and would have a great chance of winning as would Mighty Mo.