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DREAM owns up on Overeem not fighting, implies it’s Arlovski’s fault

DREAM has finally given up on pretending that Alistair Overeem would be fighting this weekend at DREAM.15 – two weeks after Overeem told them he wasn’t and left his training camp to sit ringside for the Fedor vs Werdum fight. It’s also a day after Ricco Rodriguez got on a plane to Japan to fight the guy. Take it away, sketchy Japanese promoter guy!

“I just want to you explain to you the background of this. Alistair was supposed to fight Andrei Arlovski and they actually both agreed, we were ready to make an official announcement and then of course then the contractual agreement needed to be signed by both fighters. However towards the end of the negotiations, because of reasons that I am not able to tell you, although the two fighters agreed to fight, it happened that these fighters could not fight. It’s not because of money, but if the reasons are something that I cannot tell you then you might be able to guess what they would be. Because of that, we are not able to have these two fighters fight.

“So Alistair was supposed to fight at DREAM.15 and we were trying to find new fighters or other fighters for Alistair. We offered the Alistair fight to many different fighters, but Alistair was motivated to Arlovski. Arlovski is not an easy fighter to find a replacement for. And again, we were not able to find a replacement.”

Since Keiichi Sasahara said we ‘might be able to guess’, let’s guess: Andrei Arlovski didn’t sign the contract. Now let’s guess whether this was because Arlovski is a coward or because DREAM has been sketchier than an etch-a-sketch lately and keeps dicking him around too. Hmmmm. Which one could it be?