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DREAM messing up fighter pay again

You’ve heard about Nick Diaz getting stiffed by DREAM … they eventually paid up after Nick Diaz sorted out a new contract with them. Now it seems like there’s a few other American dudes who are still waiting for their money: Jimmy Ambriz and Todd Moore.

Ambriz was a last second replacement to fight Sergei Kharitonov and had the decency to not quit after the first flush punch like many other last minute heavyweight replacements do. He actually took five or six before falling down and covering up. Todd Moore was a sacrificial lamb for Shinya Aoki. Their total combined fighting time? Three minutes and twenty seconds.

Still, that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t get paid! Just like with the big Detroit Three, if you don’t help the cans out, the entire can industry would go down and that in turn would change the very fundamentals of how DREAM operates. Without cans, they would have to set up challenging matches for their big names. Disaster would certainly follow.

So what’s the reason behind all this non-payment? DREAM’s US rep says it’s just an example of jackass accountants doing a jackass job:

“I know for a fact that our accounting department issues payments — not just for fighters, but in general — every 15 days. So if they were backlogged in October, they might have put it onto the November roster.”

Diaz’s most recent appearance for DREAM was a May win at DREAM.5 over Katsuya Inoue. It took until October for Diaz to receive his purse for the bout.

Kogan explained that while that situation may seem controversial at first glance, it was again a simple mistake that was quickly addressed.

“Believe it or not — some of this stuff sounds kind of ridiculous, but this has happened in the past,” Kogan said. “In Nick Diaz’s case, I don’t know who, but obviously there’s a lot of people that work for FEG in our accounting department. And half of them don’t even know what Nick Diaz looks like. They’re just paper-pushers. Well somebody apparently filed his (account) as paid. So as far as our accounting was concerned, he was paid.

“I don’t know why they filed it that way. So after months and months of me bitching and bitching and bitching, they kept looking and kept looking and kept looking. Finally somebody said, ‘Well wait a minute. We thought that blah, blah, blah.’ And he was paid immediately. Actually he received his money right in time since he’s out of a job right now.”

I’m sure everyone has been in a situation where they need to get paid and the people who need to pay you think it’s no big deal. Simply put, yes it fucking is. There should be none of this “Stick it in next month’s payments” bullshit or “We’ll try again next week.” One thing I’ll guarantee you about accountants is they never fuck up their own pay. But now you’ve got this US rep jackass acting like being a month overdue on payment is laughable news. Let’s see how funny it would be if you were the one who’s still waiting to get paid, dirtbag.