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DREAM is not NOT on TBS (sometimes)

As Mark Twain once said, “Rumors of DREAM being dropped from TBS have been greatly exaggerated”. Or at least I think that was Mark Twain who said that. Maybe it’s just the dudes from FEG who said that:

“FEG elected to have TBS broadcast three Dream events in primetime, and four [events] with a delayed TBS broadcast in the evening, while putting these four events live on PPV through SkyPerfect TV,” Kogan said in a statement to “As such Dream 1 was on TBS in primetime, as well as the lightweight and middleweight GP finals will be in primetime, while the other four events will be live on PPV and delayed evening broadcast on TBS. This was worked out with TBS at the beginning of the year, and the schedule was already set.

So it seems that all is well in Japan for DREAM. Add on the fact that HDNet has picked up DREAM events as well and now we’re looking at a not too shabby TV package. To me it doesn’t matter either way … I’ll still be stuck staying up till 5am to watch the event on a tiny pirate internet stream of the Korean broadcast. But it’s nice to know DREAM hasn’t basically been torpedoed before it can get rolling.

  • gummbie says:

    so what is this “tiny pirate internet stream of the Korean broadcast” and how do i get it?

  • First rule of “tiny pirate internet stream” is you don’t talk about the tiny pirate internet stream :-p If you come into the forums I’m sure someone might tell you a little more tho

  • MOUSE says:

    Yeah…people are throwing out tons of misinformed DREAM hate.

    Whatever, DREAM is fucking cool with me, if it takes other people longer to come around to that…it’s on them.