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DREAM gets downgraded by TBS

Well this ain’t good … DREAM was yanked from TBS after just one show. Actually, they haven’t been completely removed from broadcast TV – they’re just being neutered with the same delayed / edited treatment that did so well for the IFL:

TBS is now scheduled to air the forthcoming April 29 Dream card on a week’s tape delay in heavily edited one-hour installments. The broadcasts will air both in afternoon and after-midnight timeslots. However, future Dream events will air live on SkyPerfecTV pay-per-view.

All this is apparently because the first DREAM did shit ratings. I’m pretty amazed that they’re getting so little time to prove themselves … the first show was nothing more than a glorified Bushido event and rational thinking suggests that DREAM.2 would be a better indication of what’s up. But I guess the lineup hasn’t impressed the network execs so away it goes. Fingers crossed the same thing doesn’t happen over here with EliteXC.

I’m the last person in the universe to decode what the fuck this means for DREAM in the long run but this whole situation certainly can’t be a good thing. While DREAM keeps putting together low-sizzle cards, Sengoku is banking on the gaijin fighters like Josh Barnett and Jeff Monson and Kevin Randleman to make things work.

  • Accomando says:

    Oohhhh, “Tokyo Broadcasting System”, ha, I was almost pissed they pulled it from the American TBS channel, I was like why the fuck hadn’t I heard of this, damn it, I woulda helped em’ with some ratings, but I ain’t livin’ in Japan, no way I coulda seen it.

    Just more bad news for mma.

  • Captain says:

    The funny thing is the Dream match-ups are way more intriguing than anything Sengoku has planned.

  • PizzaChef says:

    They didn’t give DREAM.1 a good time slot like they did for HERO’s back in the day. Hence a lower rating…plus the TBS production was annoying as fuck. Focusing on Kid Yamamoto and dumb ass editing as usual.

  • danaunclefesterwhite says:

    TBS sucks balls for MMA and K-1. I really hate their editing and it’s going to be even worse now that it’s a week tape delay and they are going to chop it into 1 hour segments.

    On the positive side of things, DREAM is going to air events live on SkyPerfectTV PPV though. I’m not sure if they are going to start with DREAM 2 though. But from DREAM 3 onward at least, they’ll air the SkyPerfectTV broadcast in addition to the free tv chopped up TBS delayed/edited broadcasts. It’s bad for FEG and the Japanese fans that they are off prime time TV but it’s good for the hardcore Japanese and western fans that Zombie PRIDE returned to SkyPerfectTV. With it being on SkyPerfect, it will finally feel like PRIDE. Uncut, unadulterated PRIDE goodness.

    Still though I’m disappointed that DREAM is basically Bushido. Ever since Yarennoka, that’s all we’ve seen from Zombie PRIDE aside from the lackluster heavyweight matches. When you look at DREAM’s roster, these are the top 10 guys they have. DREAM has 9 guys who are top 10 (Akiyama should be considered too but if you put him in the list, Trigg drops off). WVR has 3. About 6 of DREAM’s top 10 guys are lightweights, 2 are middleweights and Cro Cop is the only heavier fighter from the top 10.

    Mirko Cro Cop – 205+
    Denis Kang – 185
    Frank Trigg – 185 (if you put Akiyama in the list, he is no longer top 10)
    Akiyama (185) should be considered top 10 too after beating Kang.
    Kawajiri – 154
    Aoki – 154
    JZ Calvancante – 154
    Ishida – 154
    Ribeiro – 154
    Hansen – 154

    World Victory Road has
    Josh Barnett – 205+
    Kazuo Misaki – 185
    Gomi – 154

  • Bums! And Sengoku isn’t on regular TV either, right? Shit, what can I do for my MMA fix? Oh yah, teh interwebz.

    It will be good to see the full unedited versions though, and I hear Sato Daisuke, supreme lord and master of creating pre-fight pump-up videos is back on board.

    I think I read that Dream 2 will be on PPV and they have booked a six hour slot or something ridiculous…

    From Jordan Breen:
    “Despite the disappointing news, there is some measure of a silver lining for hardcore fans. With the shift to pay-per-view, Dream’s future events will air unedited, in their entirety. This will resolve the usual griping regarding the heavily edited product created to air in a two-hour primetime television slot, which often leaves many fights unaired or shown only in highlight form. The April 29 Dream pay-per-view telecast is scheduled for roughly six hours of pay-per-view time, broadcasting live from 4:00 p.m. to 9:55 p.m. Tokyo time.
    Also, with the shift out of primetime on TBS, the Dream pay-per-view telecast will feature the return of Daisuke Sato, the influential video director who was responsible for the much-celebrated pre-fight promo packages for Pride.”