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DREAM fights for minority attention

Nightmare of Battle updates us on the first round of DREAM’s welterweight tournament and speculates on why K1 has left Tokyo for Nagoya. Hint: it’s to hit up the area’s heavy Brazo-Jap population:

This is an event where I really understand what the producers are trying to do. Shirai is from the prefecture where the event takes place, Minowaman/Shibata and Aoki/Sakurai are fights that will draw a crowd (this event doesn’t have a prime time TV slot), and the producers are hoping that Japanese Brazilians, many of which live in Aichi, will support Andrews Nakahara (look at the number of Brazilians who are (possible) participants of the event).

Many of the Japanese Brazilian workers in Nagoya bought tickets when Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira participated in PRIDE events that were held there.

So on the plus side, they’re not just going to Nagoya because they’re running low on money and while Heiwa might be gone as a sponsor, at least they still have Olympia. On the shitty side, this is another card that doesn’t get shown on TV til 2AM or something.