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DREAM death watch

Last week Gary Goodridge announced that Japanese promotion DREAM were screwing him over by not paying for his New Years Eve drubbing agaound Mousasi … a sad story because you know Gary really needed that money. That story by itself wasn’t huge news – FEG has gained itself a rep recently of only paying you for your last fight when they need you for another. That’s why they better pay up for their featherweight champ Bibiano Fernandes, He was scheduled to fight at DREAM.15 in September, but just announced he ain’t going nowhere until he gets paid for his March fight.

Now this could all be a pseudo-clever ploy of DREAM’s to get Fernandez out of the picture so a Japanese fighter can go for the belt. But more likely it means they just don’t have the freaking money to pay the talent. Nightmare of Battle breaks down why the promotion is doing so poorly:

* Due to the K-1 tax evasion in the past (which caused K-1 godfather Ishii to go to jail) additional tax has to be paid.
* The PRIDE Yakuza/Fuji TV scandal and the Akiyama greasing event lost them sponsors.
* Fight purses increasing.
* Decreased money from TV channels (last year it was down 30-50%).

Basically income has decreased while expenses have increased and it seems like the situation is even worse than we can guess.

The PUJI deal seems to take a while since all kinds of preparations that need time are needed. But it’s very bad right now, no announcement on the schedule of MAX, Koshien isn’t 100%. He says: “I heard a somewhat unpleasant rumor…”.

In short, PUJI is the last ray of hope. If PUJI funds do not come in, it’s “the end”. Another question is if FEG can endure until then. At worst the 2010 World GP and DREAM.16 might be postponed or terminated completely.

Head Kick Legend has more speculation and analysis. What amazes me here is that DREAM is still rolling along at all. You’d figure if Japanese MMA was dragging FEG down, they’d jettison it and just concentrate on their core kickboxing product of Japan Boy-Idol Kickfight Magic (also known as K-1 MAX). Dragging their name through the mud with all this non-payment and dying a sad death before our eyes hardly seems like a good business plan. This PUJI Capital deal better start bearing fruit soon, or there’s going to be another 7 hour block of time on HDNet that needs to be filled with softcore Girls Gone Wild shows.