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DREAM brings back the tuna cage, kills the LWGP

DREAM has always been disorganized and chaotic, but that’s always kinda been expected and excused by fans the same way it was with PRIDE. But now the disorganization is starting to look a lot more like the flailing of a dying promotion. First, the promotion is trying to stir up interest in the event by bringing back the white tuna fish netting cage they used two events ago at DREAM.12. The official reason is that Mach Sakurai asked to fight Nick Diaz in a cage to redeem Japanese honor after the Aoki loss in America, but that sounds about as legit as a Nigerian scam email.

But the real signs of trouble come from the cancellation of a long awaited light heavyweight grand prix. Again, the dubious reasoning given was that DREAM didn’t want it to happen partially in a cage and partially in a ring, but Josh Gross points towards issues with DREAM’s TV deal and my personal bet is finding the money for the Sokodjous, Babalus, and Mousasis was a factor too.

All in all, these are not positive signs for DREAM or for DREAM.14, especially since the last show that was supposed to be labeled DREAM.14 was a Korean event that died on the vine due to a lack of broadcast partners. All that needs to happen now is for the Tennessee Athletic Commission to suspend Nick Diaz – who’s headlining the event against Sakurai – for his role in the Strikeforce Brawl and the event will be right fucked.

  • Koichi says:

    No disrespect idtnneed Stick Boy, but I would wear a bag over my head if I got beat that easy! Actually that should have been a bet if he beat you that easy you would have to wear a paper bad over your head for a week that say’s Preston not only beat me at arm wrestleing, but he made me wear this bag all week, because he took me down like the wus that I am!! LOL Just kidding with you bud there is not disrespect in getting beat, but he would have to try me everyday until I beat him, so get working and make sure you take the challange to him everytime you see him! Don’t ever give up on yourself and tell him that when you beat him he has to announce it to all of us in a video now there is a bet I’ll take anyday! I got your back bro, let your light shine my friend.