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DREAM 6 quick thoughts

Okay, long story short: 6 hour MMA events are simply too long. The event started great, petered out through the 4 hour middle, and then got retarded with the Mirko CroCop vs Alistair Overeem fight.

About halfway through the opening round, Overeem went Kongo on CroCop, bagging him in the nuts three times with knees. The third one leaves Mirko on the ground unable to continue, with Bas informing us after several minutes that CroCop’s testicle is ‘inside’. The fight is ruled a No Contest, and that’s that. Pardon the most obvious pun, but what a balls way to finish the fight. And to stay up until 7:30AM for this … it’s just upsetting. I can’t imagine what DREAM execs are thinking right now. Could there be a worse outcome possible for the promotion? What a total debacle.

As for the tournament, Gegard Mousasi wins it all by catching Jacare with a nice upkick. I bet Denis Kang is somewhere smiling right now, knowing that there’s a lot less shame losing to the eventual middleweight grand prix winner than there was at the time of the loss.

There’ll be a bunch more content from this event coming up later. Right now … SLEEP.