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DREAM 2: entertaining but mostly predictable

Between the super duper 49th episode celebration and DREAM, it was a late freaking night last night, so I apologize for the lack of posts this morning. I’m finally shaking the fuzzies out of my head and there’ll be more for you peeps soon. For now here’s some thoughts on the DREAM card:

Denis Kang drops another in Japan

Last night on the Low Blow I was literally sputtering with incredulity at the idea that Gegard Mousasi could possibly beat Denis Kang. My issue with the first round of the DREAM middleweight tournament was that as far as I was concerned the only important fight that wasn’t a squash match was Aoki vs Calvancante. But you never know what can happen in MMA, and this morning the unexpected happened: Denis Kang fell into a triangle halfway through the opening round and got subbed out.

To me, it looked like Kang fell pray to the same attitude that I did: while Mousasi was known as a good striker, everyone thought he was shit on the ground so why watch out for submissions? Kang pretty much set that bitch up, pulling Mousasi up into position to lock the triangle in. No one really blinked when Akiyama KO’d him, but getting caught in a sub from someone like Mousasi is gonna do hell to Kang’s rep.

Aoki sticks it to Calvancante

For an opening match, this fight sure did kick ass. I’m hearing lots of people felt let down after all the hype but I was pretty happy with it … it went back and forth a few times with Aoki almost getting the ankle lock and then JZ escaping with kicks and nearly getting a stoppage to Aoki climbing up on JZ’s back and mauling his face with his forearms. And on and on.

Aoki looked damn good … at first I was cheering for JZ but halfway through I turned coat and started going for Aoki. Those flying guard pulls were wicked, and the retardo high guard that helped him catch JZ’s arm near the end was freaking awesome. While Calvancante was always dangerous, there’s no doubt that Aoki schooled him.

Sakuraba and Tamura win

Sakuraba beat that random karate dude as expected, although he did take a decent amount of kicks while doing it, the worst being a full on cartoon style kick right to the junk that had Saku limping around for a good 5 minutes. I wonder if that’s why he didn’t release the choke that finished the fight until Mr Karateka was out cold? Although to his credit he was nice enough to lie next to the guy for a minute afterward to make sure he was okay.

Re: Funaki vs Tamura, other than a sneaky kick direct to Tamura’s face, Funaki didn’t do much other than get taken down and KO’d.

  • DannyP72 says:

    FUCK Aoki, stupid pussy just stalled the whole 2nd round after he knew he would get a decision after holding onto JZ’s back for 6 minutes. At least pretend you wanted to fight.

  • Colleen says:

    links to vids, anyone?

  • koolpaw says:

    wow kinda surprising that still fightlinker follows that Japanese bizarre MMA event. even i dont see any future for it as a Japanese.

    Anyways Dong Sik Yoon was not bad at all. he has been adjusting to MMA more and more. Ronaldo Souza vs. Dong Sik Yoon will be a great match-up.

    Did u notice that Saku`s Finishing hold was “Face lock” which Saku has been telling ppl ” No it doesnt work with current MMA with Gloves”. he may have found the way to make it workmixinif with neck crank?

    Face lock was very common and popular among old U.W.F. guys.

  • Tertio says:

    Lil Mirko winning by sub was as surprising to me than Kang getting caught in a choke.

    I am surprised not many people are on Zelgs nuts. The kid is an amazing striker. And looks like hes getting trained on the ground as well ! Promising.

  • MOUSE says:

    LOL @ koolpaw

    Funaki landed some pretty crisp punches. But that fight was definitely Tamuras from the onset.

    The second round matchups are gonna be bonkers…especially witht he announcement that Mayhem Miller is joining the fray.

    And if J.Z. were that awesome he wouldn’t’ve let Aoki molest him like that.

  • that n*gger guy says:

    Wow…..I hadn’t really seen JZ fight before, but everyone stank of his nut sweat, so I figured he was as good as that much nuthugging would suggest. He looked good, but he just didn’t look that great. Personally, I didn’t think Aoki’s the cats ass either, and although he’s a tenacious grappler, he still isn’t that great in my books. We’ll see though…….he just reminds me of all the guys I wrestled that looked kinda nerdy to be wrestlers, and proved on the mat that you can judge a book by its cover, so that might be why I’m a littel critical of him….he seems to be more than competent though. I just can’t really get behind a fighter who won’t even try to strike……I love a gameplan, and you gotta stick to it, but I really appreciate it when fighters make a real attempt on the feet.

  • RL Dookiefuck says:

    1. Sakuraba didn’t choke anyone out. He cranked the shit out of the dude’s neck.

    2. Aoki is a whiny butt flopping piece of shit.

  • Asbel says:

    Instead of fighting to win, Aoki fought not to lose then celebrates. Lame.

    And somehow, I wouldn’t be surprised if Kang is still in MMAWeekly’s top 5.

  • ttt says:

    hellooo? Aoki fought not to lose?
    look at the freakin picture up there, only one person in that fight was trying to win. i think Aoki is a dick but come on.

  • Asbel says:

    Aoki only went for the arm when JZ tried to pull out of guard. Otherwise, he was using close guard and rubber guard to stall the whole fight. Waiting for your opponent to make a mistake sounds like fighting not to lose, imo.

    But they both fought bad. Aoki was too scared standing and JZ was too scared on the ground. I’m one of those that had high expectation coming into this fight though.