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DREAM 15 in a Tail Spin

Is the end nigh for Japanese MMA?

More trouble for the Japanese fight scene. As reported before Alistair Overeem pulled out of his fight with Ricco Rodriguez for what ever reason, Ricco thinks it’s because he is too much of a threat. What ever the reason this left Ricco hanging in Japan with nothing to do but get paid in full. Mean while at the weigh ins Jake O’Brien either failed to weigh in or didn’t even weigh in at all, still sketchy on that one. Apparently he came in as a heavy weight, something around 226, for his fight against 205 lb Gegard Mousasi. This is where Ricco comes in as he was contacted to maybe fight Gegard at 205ish. Except Gegard didn’t think that was such a good idea, maybe he is too much of an opponent or not soft enough?

  • Bob says:

    Charty, learn to spell.. and Jabba the Hut?? seriously?? I am not the one who suolhd be a contestant on The Biggest Loser you got that one gift wrapped and waiting for you under the Christmas tree..Say hi to Jillian Michaels for me.. and making fun of Japan is a bit low , but considering the comment came from you..who can be surprised.. You need some serious therapy to help with the anger issues.. Good luck with that and God Bless..