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Dr. Benjamin redeems himself… a little

Uh… shouldn’t that be illegal? Not the Slam but the cock grab.

For once Dr. Johnny Benjamin makes some smart statements… I know holy shit!

During close contact, when combatants assume positions that allows them to be lifted and slammed, it usually happens as they attempt to apply a legitimate submission technique. Sometimes they become so committed to the submission that they leave themselves exposed to a counter. Or, perhaps, they may believe that their opponent does not possess the strength or ability to successfully counter – thus allowing the slam.

Performing a slam takes a great deal of strength, situational awareness and mental toughness – often in the face of a painful submission attempt.

The safety concerns, of course, arise from the back of the head violently contacting the mat during the slam and the potential for concussion. As long as the head is not the first part of the body to contact the mat, I see no significant difference between a slam and the more traditional hip toss or a judo throw, both of which are also legal in MMA.Simply put, I view the slam as a perfectly legitimate maneuver that falls within the guidelines of reasonable fighter safety and sportsmanship.

God damn it he has a point. I see a slam, like what happened to Roxy, as a very valid way to shake off an opponent. A spike on the other hand can be dangerous seeing as the spike-e or spiked can land directly on their head if they don’t defend it correctly. In the case of a spike it should be considered the right of the ref to determine if it was illegal, the fighter landed directly on their head, or if they were able to land either on their arms/shoulder. I know it’s a fine line kind of like the “back of the head” debate but one of those things the sport needs to figure out.