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Douches mock Tanner’s death

I haven’t taken that much time to criticize the garbage that puts on it’s website because it’s just started and while the ‘MMA Web Shows’ they have right now are pretty balls, who knows how they’ll develop down the road. But one thing is for sure: the douchebags above are the lamest individuals in the world. Here’s some quotes:

The ‘Tanner guy’,”having coyote paw prints on his back where he was humped.”

“He goes out 200 miles from any town, runs out of gas, supposedly he’s this brilliant intelligent guy and he doesn’t see this coming?”

“The sad part is Evan Tanner goes out on a losing streak against the Spida (Kendall Grove) he lost and now mother nature. Now he’s like all those pussies in Louisiana.”

“Isn’t it odd that he was an alcoholic and ends up dying from dehydration.”

“Chicks don’t care for beards but coyotes love’em.”

Not only are these guys assholes, but factually incorrect assholes.

Remember: they have the freedom to say whatever they want, but so do we. Tell Spike what you think of these guys at [email protected].

**UPDATE** From Full Contact Talk:

Full Contact Talk just spoke with David I. Schwarz (Vice President of Communications for Spike) regarding the controversial video that was uploaded to mocking the death of UFC fighter Evan Tanner. Spike immediately yanked the video from its website once it was viewed internally.