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Double Rainbow guy did MMA

You know how every dude with one fight on the Sherdog fight finder becomes known as an MMA fighter if they kill someone at a gangbang or rip a friend’s heart out during a drug bender? Well, it can go in a positive way too. New viral sensation “Double Rainbow Guy” (video above), can be tenuously considered a cage fighter too: his one pro fight was against the now-dead Ross Clifton, that giant fat guy Ken Shamrock beat last year:

“When I first shot it, I was like, Whoa,” says the professional cagefighter-turned-nature-lover. “I always knew it had the potential–that it was special–and I was thinking it was going to catch on. I shot a video before called Giant Intense Rainbow that had the capability of going viral, but when I shot this one, I was like, this is even better.”

“People are connecting with it because they feel the spirit in it,” he says. “I feel like Noah, because I’m building what seems like an ark here. I have greenhouses, fruit-trees, and I’m working toward alternative energy. It was probably something like the burning bush that Moses experienced.”

When I asked what he would do with his newfound popularity or influence, Vasquez wasn’t certain: “I’ve been thinking about this a lot. Last night I went to an Indian sweat and I prayed really hard about this. When I shot the video, I was not high at all, I was not having sex, and I was not hiking, as a lot of people assume. This is
my land that I bought in 1988. Wait, what was the question?”

After the jump: Double Rainbow auto-tune!