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Dos Santos vs. Gonzaga at UFC 108

Heavyweight contenders Junior Dos Santos and Gabriel Gonzaga will spend the next few months training to knock each other into unconsciousness at UFC 108 on January 2nd. Dos Santos is undefeated thus far in his UFC career with wins over Cro Cop, Fabricio Werdum, and Stefan Struve. Gonzaga has posted a 7-3 record with the organization since his debut in 2005. The jiu-jitsu black belt holds a devasting KO victory over Cro Cop but has been stopped every other time he took the proverbial step-up in competition.

If you couldn’t tell, I’m a bit of a reckless guy. I put hot sauce on my eggs every morning despite the burning shit that always follows. I only use a spotter in the gym if I’m lifting a lot. Sometimes I even drive slightly over the speed limit. Needless to say, I live life on the edge. It’s for that reason that I’m about to make a prediction that might sound crazy: Dos Santos via TKO. I know — Gonzaga has a cast-iron jaw while Dos Santos has the knockout power of a palsy patient. But I make my decisions with my gut, and my gut is telling me Dos Santos takes this one after a vicious stoppage. What say you?