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Dos Santos and Carwin goes the distance

Who would have thought that Shane Carwin vs Junior Dos Santos would leave the first round, let alone go the distance? But that’s what happened as what was supposed to be a short and violent affair turned into a relatively slow and careful affair. Junior Dos Santos took all three rounds easily, although he didn’t push the pace much in the second or third round.

At the end of the first though … Shane Carwin was very luck that Herb Dean was giving fighters a Frankie Edgar’s chance at coming back or the fight would have been stopped right there. He hurt Carwin bad and had him up against the cage firing away nonstop shots to the face. Carwin covered up but there aren’t many refs that would stand by when you’ve got a heavyweight firing those kinds of unanswered shots for a good 30 seconds.

After that, things slowed down. Carwin spent half the round shaking the cobwebs away and Junior seemed fine with giving it to him. After that they traded, but without much intensity. It wasn’t until the last two minutes that things started to pick up, but a quick referee’s time out to have doctors check Carwin’s busted up face cooled things down and the fight ended without much hubub.

It’s hard to criticize Junior Dos Santos too much for playing it safe through the second and third rounds. After that first he basically had the fight in the palm of his hands. With a guy like Carwin though, you’re always a few punches away from losing the fight, your title shot, and your place in contention. But goddamnit. I’d psyched myself up thinking this was a main event that was going to deliver on every level. It wasn’t bad. But when you think Junior Dos Santos vs Shane Carwin, you think KO. So I’m a bit sadface we didn’t get one.