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Doomsday takes on Pee Pants

I just got word from Jason Day that he’ll be fighting Jesse ‘Pee Pants’ Taylor on February 5th in Edmonton Alberta. It’s been a while since Jay has stepped in the cage (his last win was via twister back in June of 2009), mainly because no name fighters were willing to accept fights against him.

I’m actually pretty surprised Taylor agreed to the fight … Jay works his jits with Miguel Torres and has a growing toolkit of freaky deaky submissions while Jesse is about as bright with his sub defense as he is in general life. Which is to say not very.

Still, the dude’s not completely helpless and it should be a good test and a great fight. Would a dominating win propel Jay back into the UFC in time for the upcoming Montreal and Vancouver shows this summer? If not, we’ll have to cross our fingers and hope there’s another decent fighter out there willing to nut up and face Jay in time to tip the scales in favor of his return.