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Doomsday Predictions: UFC 108 from on the road

Well Jackals, the Christmas coma has just about subsided. I’m typing from the passenger seat on my way back to Vancouver – how very Entourage of me, I know. Who’s gonna be the first call me Jason “Happy New Year’s” Day? It was a great holiday season and I didn’t lose too much traction with my training by being too festive. What better way to start out the new year than to predict the winners of UFC 108. Without any hesitation, your opportunity to ridicule:

Rashad Evans vs. Thiago Silva
There are so many ways to go with this. First, be clear, Rashad is not going into the cage with misguided intentions or thoughts of revenge on behalf of his compadre. Those thoughts fuel training, not Greg Jackson-coached fighting. Thiago is a menacing dude with great patience. I think this will be a solid fight but not quite the war fans want. Thiago is far to calculating and I doubt Rashad will get caught again. After a slow first round, I think Rashad’s quickness will create a surprise shot that Silva doesn’t see coming. I don’t expect a battle for the ages but I do think Rashad is going to add a highlight to the archives. Good night Thiago, round two.

Paul Daley vs. Dustin Hazelett
Everything in me wants to go with Hazelett. His ground game, his demeanor, his training. But I just can’t count out explosive power. Daley is on a mission to prove himself. Tough weight cut be damned, Daley will fight off submission attempts and maybe even look a little uncomfortable but then will solidify his position as a growing fan favorite. Sorry Dustin, count me a huge fan. I see Daley surviving till the third and then ending this with a KO.

Sam Stout vs. Joe Lauzon
I should be a homer. Nationalistic pride should prevail. Sam throws anvils and is no joke (as Rogan would say). I just think this match up doesn’t work well for him. Lauzon’s just a bit better at some elements that could create real problems for Stout. My heart says Sam, but my head says slick transition and quick tapout in round 1 by Lauzon.

Jim Miller vs. Duane Ludwig
Is this a bit of rope-a-dope? Ludwig looked spent at the weigh-ins. That doesn’t inspire confidence in me. I’m going to call a drawn out fight here where no one really gets the upper hand but Ludwig fades in the third. 29-28 for a “very happy” Jim Miller.

Gilbert Yvel vs. Junior Dos Santos
I haven’t been too risky with my pics and I don’t think I’m going to start now. This is one hell of a fight to start off the PPV. Yvel is going to show up and throw bombs. I think both these guys want to prove that they are legit heavyweights. I expect Dos Santos to control this fight and I don’t see Yvel making it out of round 1.

This card doesn’t have the star power that may draw in the casual fan but there are some damn good fights coming up tonight. Enjoy the first card of 2010, Jackals! Thanks to the Fightlinker boys, as always. Some fight news for me is on the tip of my tongue and hopefully will be announced soon. I’m ready to twist someone into submission like never before! Catch me on twitter @jasondaymma or in the gym in Vancouver. 2010 here I come!!