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Doomsday Predictions: The TUF 10 Finale

Well hello fight fans! It’s been a while, I know. When you cage fight for a living sometimes it’s just nice to get away from the game. While you were all watching Anderson Silva dismantle Forrest, I was cruising the ocean off the coast of Vancouver Island looking for spring salmon and halibut. The lifestyle became addictive and now I find myself, with good blessings from Bedford Biofuels, living and training full time in Vancouver.

Spending a week in Vegas with the always entertaining and tough as nails Miguel Torres for WEC and training with the big boys in Vegas at the Tapout facility renewed my desire to punch someone in the face. I also joined the Twister, Eddie Bravo, at his 10th Planet seminar last week in Vancouver. Make no mistake, this is a pretty cool life!

Thanks to all you Jackals for the kind remarks after the Fightlinker boys put up my twister submission win video. Make sure to follow me on twitter @jasondaymma and my website JayDayMMA. I’m in the gym hard, training my ass off and ready for whomever is willing to sign on the dotted line. Make no mistake, I fully anticipate another step back into the Octagon in 2010. I have unfinished business to attend to.

And now, your object of ridicule – my fight picks:

205 lbs.: Matt “The Hammer” Hamill (7-2) vs. Jon “Bones” Jones (9-0)
Both these guys have impressed me in the past and I really like this match up. Jones has proven he is a beast in the cage. Hamill relies on his heavy hands and wrestling skills. I think Jones is too dynamic for Hamill, he is too quick and versatile to let Hamill get a hold of him to take him down. Jones has proven his own skills in the clinch in the past and people seem to discount his own wrestling ability. I going with Jones with a TKO in the third round with some Greg Jackson approved “funky striking” in rounds one and two.

265 lbs.: Roy “Big Country” Nelson (14-4) vs. Brendan Schaub (4-0)
Big Country has been around for awhile now and he has never really impressed me. I think his experience and his infamous belly smother will be all he is relying on when he steps in with Schaub. Schaub did okay in the house and showed a little promise. His athleticism should help him avoid Nelson’s lethargic striking. If he has been working hard and comes out with a good game plan I think Schuab can KO Big Country and come away with a victory in the second frame.

215 lbs.: Kevin “Kimbo Slice” Ferguson (3-1) vs. Houston “The Assassin” Alexander (8-4-1)
Well, Kimbo didn’t live up to the hype that surrounded him stepping into the house. I have never been a big fan. There is a huge difference between street tough and becoming a well rounded fighter that utilizes all of the martial arts in a cage. That said, with Houston as his target, will his limited skill set even matter? Houston has been up and down, looking fantastic a then questionable in his last few fights. Still, I think he will be more than Kimbo can handle in the cage. I don’t see this fight lasting long at all, perhaps a function of either of their cardio. The Assassin by KO early in the first.

155 lbs.: Frankie “The Answer” Edgar (10-1) vs. Matt Veach (11-0)
Matt has an impressive record but I believe Edgar will be his first real test as a fighter. Frankie is tough as nails and comes ready to fight every time. Veach is a bit of an unknown to me and I have always thought highly of Edgar. I have seen enough decisions out of Edgar though and would like to see him finish this fight. I think he will have his hands full with Veach but will pull out a TKO in the third.

265 lbs.: Marcus “The Darkness” Jones (4-1) vs. Matt Mitrione (0-0)
I am calling this one blindfolded. I really had no interest in this last season of TUF and didnt see enough to see what either of these guys bring to the table. I am flipping a coin here. I am calling Matt Mitrione by twister submission in the first! Thats right, I just said that. Ladies and gentlemen, start your ridicule!

I don’t usually make picks on the undercard but in this case I have to!

170 lbs.: Dennis “Superman” Hallman (41-12-2) vs. John “Doomsday” Howard(12-4)
Dennis Hallman is a seasoned vet. This guy has been around since the beginning. He has been impressive in his last few fights and is a submission wizard. Howard has squeaked out 2 decisions in the UFC and other than that I cant say much about him. I am calling Hallman by heel hook in the first. There can only be one DoomsDay!

Thanks again for all your support. Look forward to a fight announcement soon and follow me on twitter to keep up with the latest information. Next week I’ll have more reasons for you to make fun of me – the Prodigy versus the Nightmare. I can’t wait! Enjoy your weekend Jackals. Thanks again from the REAL DoomsDay!