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Doomsday Prediction

(it’s time for Jason’s Final Prediction before his upcoming fight with Kendal Grove)

Well jackals, its time once again for my predictions. Obviously, this week, things are a bit different as I’m hardly aware of who else is on the fight card for UFC 96 because I’ve been so focused on my fight.. I’m not going to bore you with convoluted predictions of undercard greatness and main event hype. I have one prediction. While I have the utmost respect for any warrior who has the balls and the determination to step foot in the octagon, I have to think that my preparation for this fight with Kendall Grove is the difference maker. I am riding high with confidence and I’m anxious to demonstrate how “changing shit up” can pay dividends in the cage.

I’m not going to disrespect Grove and predict a first round knockout. I am going to suggest that the betting line doesn’t capture the changes I’ve made and that preparation is everything. His range and frame is something I haven’t seen before but I’m more than ready. I have something to prove and look forward to doing so on Saturday night. Thank you to all the loyal readers for all your support! A special thanks to all the Canadian fans that have made it down to Columbus. Get ready for another great UFC show and don’t forget to check out