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Don’t worry, GSP’s crotch is safe

Loretta Hunt lets us know that Georgy Boy doesn’t need to go under the knife:

Georges St. Pierre will not require surgery for a groin injury he sustained during his five-round victory against Thiago Alves at UFC 100 on July 11 in Las Vegas.

“Georges should be back in the gym training within a few weeks after a brief rehabilitation,” wrote the French Canadian’s manager Shari Spencer in an email to

An MRI taken earlier this week revealed no lasting damage, Spencer told

Yeah yeah “”, we get it. Anyway, St-Pierre says he tore his manhood-holding sinew in the third round of the Alves fight last week. Pretty funny that GSP’s only injury in the fight came from beating up Thiago a little too vigorously. But hey, it’s not like it was a freak accident or something; GSP’s groin is, like, the biggest muscle on his body so it was bound to get hurt sooner or later. Seriously, look at that picture up there. You know you’re set for life if your cup is big enough double as a helmet.