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Don’t wait on Noons / Diaz

While Conor Huen didn’t manage to win his fight against KJ Noons like one judge thought, he did expose what looked like pretty sketchy takedown control and ground defense. You wouldn’t know that from the way Noons is talking though:

“I just want to put on good fights, so whatever – 170, 155. I want to win two titles. I want to win another title at 155. I only want to fight one person at 170, so I want that title, and then I want to win a boxing title eventually, too. Everybody says I can’t do it. Why can’t I do it? I want it. That’s one of my dreams.”

Noons blamed his mat flailings on a cracked rib from Huen’s body triangle, but once one of those is locked in you’re already halfway towards getting tooled so I don’t buy it. Anyone smart enough to concentrate on putting Noons on his back as opposed to striking with him shouldn’t have much of a problem beating him, which is why I’m not so hot about this:

Coker said the ultimate goal is for Noons to establish himself as a top 155-pound star, but he feels the 27-year-old probably has earned the right to prove the first result against Diaz was no fluke.

“(With) the fights in the 155-pound weight class that he’s going to want, we’re going to be able to deliver, and the fight with Nick Diaz – he’s the last guy to beat Nick Diaz, so that’s a fight that probably should happen,” Coker said. “I’m sure that K.J. would love to fight Nick, and I’m sure Nick would love to fight K.J. At some point, they should probably get it on again.”

There’s no time like the present, Scott. Gilbert Melendez is out with an injury for a while and Josh Thomson would literally wrestle the shit out of Noons. Like poop would come out of his body if that fight was allowed to happen.

I know Strikeforce doesn’t worry too much about records and consistency when it comes to bookings, but I have to doubt they’ll let Noons move up to welterweight and take on Nick Diaz if he loses at 155. So why risk blowing a big fight that’s ready to go right now? Well, three months from now if Diaz remembers to return his disciplinary papers to the Nashville Athletic Commission, anyways.