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Don’t talk about Paul Daley’s mama

It’s a question that many a fan has wondered … what exactly did Josh Koscheck say to Paul Daley in Montreal right before that famous sucker punch incident? During a 45 minute Q&A with fans before UFC 139, Kos filled us in on how that whole fight played out:

“I would fight with him [rather than wrestlefuck him]. You guys have got to understand the pressure I was under in Montreal. I had Javier and Dave and Bob Cook in my ear saying ‘you’d better stick to this game plan. You’re wrestling for 15 minutes if you have to’ because The Ultimate Fighter coach, fighting for the title was on the line. So for me for once in my life I listened to the coaches and I got the victory. I felt like I could have stood with him because right off the bat he threw a jab and I was like, ‘oh my god, you’re so slow’ and I told him, I yelled at him, ‘You’re so slow it’s not even funny!’ I like to talk when I fight guys. I was in his ear the whole time saying, ‘if you get up, I’m going to knock you out’. And he goes, ‘let me up then’, and I was like, ‘nah, you got to get up though’. I was in his ear the whole fight. I kept telling him how slow he was on the feet. ‘Man you’re so slow on the feet, oh and your mom *umm mmm mmm mmm mmmmm*’ and that’s when he put his finger in my eye at the end and he tried to sucker punch me.”

Ah yes, the old ‘Your mom’ thing. You have to watch out when doing that with British guys. Their moms are all sluts so it tends to cut extra deep.

  • CAP says:

    Who needs insults to wanna punch this douche in the face.

  • Predator8u says:

    thats hilarious in-fight shit talking. I wonder if thats the secret to some fighters is that they mess with their opponent head during the ground game. Fitch says “we’re going to be here awhile” and ” you must like on your back dont you?”