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Don’t play with the money of Arianny Celeste, apparently

Logan, if you need me, I’m here.

It seems to be akin to fucking with her emotions: has learned that both Natasha Wicks and Logan Stanton have been cut from the UFC as ring girls. Stanton’s contract expired after UFC 107 and the UFC chose not to renew it. Wicks was cut before the expiration of her contract. Ring girl Arianny Celeste will remain on with the organization; as her contract has been recently renegotiated- explaining her absence from UFC 107.

According to sources, there will be only two ring girls from this point forward. Though it has not been officially announced, our insiders are being told Chandella Powell, a former playmate, will be the newest ring girl. It has yet to be released when Ms. Powell will start her official ring girl duties, though UFC 108 would be the obvious choice.

I’m not here to talk about business metrics or the importance of not losing Arianny to a rival organization or any of that bullshit. I’m not here to point fingers or assign blame. I just want to, once again, reach out to Logan and offer my counsel. Honestly, at this point, I’d be kind of offended if you didn’t take me up on it. I mean, it’s not like I just lost by job at the being-hot store when I was the best at being hot there (never mind what the comments say – you’re stunning). I’m here, is all I’m saying.

I don’t get it, I don’t like it and I’d like to be alone for a while.

Update:  The new one. Maybe the UFC is trying to cater to a specific interracial threesome fetish demographic.