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Gabriel Gonzaga’s English isn’t very good, and that’s before he tries to use it while driving and recording a video podcast on morals at the same time. Today’s youtube message? Don’t make the fun. It’s mean:

“So … if you laugh from some joke you are mean. Why?  Because don’t have joke then don’t put somebody else down or the guys break something or crazies or whatever. The personal of the joke has something going on with this person, what’s bad for them. So if you laugh from them, every joke something wrong is going to happen with the person from the joke. so you are mean person so you are laughing some problems from somebody else. It’s crazy, I know.”

Very important lesson learned here. I’m sure once Gonzaga runs someone down doing another drive-cast, he’ll be back with an even more important lesson “Don’t make talk and the drive of car or every person will be in your wheels and this is what’s REALLY bad!”