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Don’t forget, people!

A new episode of the Low Blow was served up this morning. Go check it out! And don’t forget to tell us what you think!

  • Rollo the Cat says:

    1. Joe Stevenson can beat BJ Penn. Which means, even if BJ ends up beating him, as long as Joe gets one good near submission, or one good punch that COULD have KOd Penn, I am justified in what I said. Still, I am betting on Joe.

    2. Crane is a great grappler, but without wrestling, without striking of any sort, his BJJ sucks in MMA. He fought that match more like a sport JJ match. This is also the problem modern day BJJ guys have in MMA. Their style is supposed to be about position over submission, but against a stronger wrestler, they can’t get position and end up looking like the old Japanese shootfighters, hanging on an arm or leg, getting pounded out. Huerta sucks.

    3. Everyone I know who thinks Huerta is good looking is a guy. I know lots of female fans of MMA and they like Chuck, Randy, Forrest, GSP, and one prominent female MMA blogger thinks Rob Emerson is hot. I never hear Huerta’s name mentioned. Fuck Huerta. He sucks, Penn destroys him and I hate him. And you are right, he is gay.

    4. It is pronounced FYO-dr. Please, not fee-DOOR or FEY-door. His name is the same as Dostoevsky’s: Fyodor, as it should be Romanized. I hope he punches you for that.

    5. Jensen’s mistake was strategic. He got sucked into the guard game of Leites when he should have backed out. My mistake was betting on Jensen. But I was justified as he showed he COULD have beaten Thales.

  • Ornage Robot says:

    When is the next podcast coming out?

  • We now return to our ‘regular schedule’ of recording every Monday or Tuesday night.

    And Jake, I told you people would rip on me for not pronouncing anything right :-( I don’t think Joe could take out BJ, but I guess it depends on which BJ shows up. As for Crane, I agree he’s got a looooong way to go before he’s ever gonna beat anyone. But I have a weird kinda respect for guys like him who are so BJJ centered that they’ll stick to it and take a pounding just for that elusive heel hook.

    I guess most girls who like MMA like the rough and tumble guys … makes sense. But my GF walked into the room when Huerta was fighting Alaskan Postal Service dude and she was like “Helloooo nurse!”

  • Wu Tang says:

    Dang ‘Rollo the Cat’ you have to hound on everything on the podcast? No point to get worked up on it, since you listened to it, you are helping him out! Dont hate, appreacheat what he and his crew talks about.

    Love it bro, keep it up. I am losing brain cells, but hey, its for a cause! Whats the cause? I yet do not know, but its related to this site :)

  • Hey, it’s all good. We definitely don’t pretend to be the most educated hosts in the universe … that title goes to monsieur Jordan Breen (until I take him out Highlander style). In fact, I think it’s pretty obvious that as far as factual information goes, we’re pretty damned terrible!

  • Swedish guy says:

    Great show as always, helped me sit through my one and a half hour busride yesterday!