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Don’t expect any favors from Tito Ortiz

The shit hasn’t really hit the fan regarding what a stinker UFC 78 is … that will only happen once the average New Jersey fan sees how pitiful their card is compared to the New Years Eve supershow Zuffa is putting together. But I have no doubt that when Dana White starts fielding interviews with the press, he’ll throw Tito Ortiz under a bus like he always does and lay 78’s crappiness at Tito’s feet.

Possibly realizing that getting his side of the story out first is a good idea, Tito posted the following on the Underground forums:

Getting in shape. I’m doing rehab for my injuries. I’m sick of fight 75%. I’m trying to pay my bills injured and making guys like evans and forrest look good. I can’t do it anymore. I’m going to take some time to take care of myself. Everyone wants the old Tito back and I’m going to give it to them.

Of course, Tito should know that one post on the Underground does not equal the firepower Dana White will probably throw behind his version of events. Maybe he realizes there’s no competing with a guy who can produce an hour long show called “Tito Sucks Balls”. Why Tito would want to fight for a dude who’s constantly shitting all over him is beyond me.

And this is why I find it so laughable that Dana White can get away with blaming Tito for fucking up UFC 78. Let’s get one thing straight : Tito Ortiz is under absolutely no obligation to save the UFC from spreading itself too thin. In fact, the last person Dana White should be expecting any kind of favor from is Tito.

People can bitch and whine about Tito causing trouble and being a pain in the ass, but Tito is just protecting his own interests. I don’t doubt that he has injuries that he needs to heal up from. I also don’t doubt that for the right amount of money he would have stepped up to the plate and fought at UFC 78. Why the UFC would expect him to help them out considering the way they’ve been treating him is beyond me. Especially without proper financial compensation.

So the moral of the story, Dana, is “You reap what you sow”.

  • dignan says:

    Tito is a fucktard. I should know, he almost killed me in a bar.

    Fuck him. Fuck his whore of a girlfriend. Fuck that basketball sized head of his.

    He didn’t beat Forrest. He didn’t beat Rashad(in the most boring match ever.) The only guy he has beaten was a washed up mummy disguised as Ken Shamrock.

    Don’t stick up for this cocksucker.

  • Xavier says:

    I guess I missed where Dana blamed him for UFC 78 being a stinker.

    Oh, he hasn’t said anything of the like yet.

  • ted dibiase says:

    “he almost killed me in a bar”
    tell us more please

    i think comparing dana to vince is a good comparison. vince booked himself vs stone cold. dana booked himself vs tito. dana walks around (especially on the TUF show) like hes god.

    even with Tito on this card vs Rashad, this card blows donkey balls. but its in New Jersey so who cares. New Jersey is a dumpster. Id rather have the UFC spread itself thin rather than not getting good fights out there. Like how the WEC is back logged.

    Tito is doing the right thing by rehabbing. his knee has looked weak in his past matches and if theres any light to his slipped discs thats all the more reason. and why would tito want to fight when the ufc is pitting him against rashad. F that.

    id rather see tito get pummeled in the ufc than dominate a weak org like joe riggs and chris lytle are trying to do.

    prediction: tito does a porno movie and dana white announces he has a bastard child

  • ajadoniz says:

    Dignan, u can’t just say how Tito almost got you killed without further explaining.

  • Amy says:

    okay, so just got home, after being jumped, no joke. ……linker, please stop being on titos dick. he is one of the most over rated fighters there is in mma. ground and pound, yeah tito…hmmm elbows….hmmmmmm ends fights….and so does florian…so one has the ability to cut and finish fights and one just hammers them. i guess both fights are finished by blows. i mean elbowz.

  • marshal says:

    “he almost killed me in a bar”
    tell us more please

    Well I’m doin Jenna, don’t worry I put a paper sack over her head. So then Tito walks in and wants in on the action. Jenna took the bag off to see what was happening. Well that’s when things got ugly….

  • Amy says:

    adore you marshall. it wasnt that bad. thanks for u ur concern.

  • dignan says:

    Quick story about my Tito experience.

    I used to work out alot Grew up playing hockey and fighting all the way through junior. I am 6’0 210lbs, but in no way am I am MMA fighter. However, most people don’t mess with me. :)

    So I am down in Cabo with my wife, and an ex-roomate I invited down since he lives so close.

    First night we are there, we go out to dinner and run into Tito and two buddies of his(all three were fighters.) I believe the last match he lost at this point was to Randy after he spanked him…anyways it was Feb 05 I believe…So Tito invited us to have a drink…we come back after dinner, he is still there and we hang for a few hours boozing it.

    2 nights after this, my buddy and I are at Squid Row…about 500 people there, and we have a private VIP table. About 3am Tito rolls in with his two buddies, and my friends hands him two drinks from our table. Pretty nice gesture. He than points to me as hes talking, so I flexed my arm and pointed at him…obviously just kidding around. They have a few words, and my friend turns to me and says. “Dude, you better disappear.” I’m like, what the fuck are you talking about…this goes back and forth for a minute, and he says seriously, don’t even look over there. I look, and fucknuts is zoned in on me like a fat kid on cake.

    I say what the fuck..what did he say? So my friend lets me know that he had said to him…”See that guy over there? He’s going to put you in a headlock and kick your ass.” To which Tito replies, “Well you can tell your friend I’m going to crush his fucking bones.” So As this was being said, I flexed and pointed. Nice.

    SO my buddy tried to smooth it out, and says dont you remember us from the other night? Tito says something on the lines about being so coked out and on E he doesnt remember shit. He is still zoned in on me this whole time.

    I look at his friends and say, what the fuck..and they say, theres nothing we can do man, theres no stopping him when he gets like this.

    His friends than clear a fucking space for us to fight. No shit. Tito is pumping himself up, jumping up and down like a fucking monkey, and i’m sitting trapped in a booth like a scared shitless punk. Haha. I would love to see anyoone else say different.

    So..he is jumping up and down like 5 feet in the air, I am only about 3 feet away this whole time, and about 4 seconds away from death…I am just thinking, “Is he going to pummel me? Is someone going to stop it? Is he going to choke me out? Do I turtle or fight back?”

    Out of NOWHERE, some floozy recognizes him, and has no idea what is about to transpire, and grabs the dude mid-jump and starts fucking necking with the guy. So I jumped the side of the booth into some fucked up Mexican bachelor party of 15 guys who wanted to beat my ass, and I was just like…”Have at it.” I’ll take my chances against 15 drunk mexicans before a stoned Tito.

    Anyways…hes a fuck. He is also waaay bigger than 205lbs thats for damn sure. I was betting he was walking around at 240 easy. Huge fucking noggin.

    Anyways,, thats the gist.

  • marshal says:

    dignan, your definition of “almost killed me” is why interrogations were created.

  • Amy says:

    touche marshall. damn

  • Mr. Theplague says:

    That was the dumbest story I’ve ever heard.

  • garth says:

    that was a pretty straightforward story of brushing up against a possible life-altering ass-beating and living to tell the tale. I’m sure a drunk, coked out, e’d up tito with his entourage saying “kick his ass” in fucking mexico may have just been posturing for the chance to beat some little guy’s ass…maybe whatever ho he had on his arm wasn’t putting out right away? But I’d like your ass to tell me you’d feel any fucking different.

    And frankly, Tito is no legend, but he’s solid as all outdoors. He beat Forrest’s ass, he beat Rashad’s ass (as I saw it, of course he grabbed the cage, but shit, it happens), and he’s done a fair amount of ass-beating in his time. I’m not “on his dick”, I think he’s probably the most annoying piece of shit in the sport, but scoreboard is scoreboard. You know what I want to see? Tito-Alexander. Let’s see that happen. Or Jardine-Lyoto. What about Jason Lambert? where’s he get his? The LHW div has enough guys to make ANOTHER all-LHW card…I want to see these fights!

  • dignan says:

    Mr. Theplague:

    Not a story. Just fact.

    A dumb story would be me claiming to have almost whooped his ass. I couldn’t have been more honest on the events.

    So go fuck youself.

  • Mr. Theplague says:

    Sounds really fake, dude.

  • Accomando says:

    Tito is always injured, he is like the girlfriend who is forever on her period.

  • Ew, perma-period. I enjoyed the story :-)

  • Accomando says:

    “…Tito says something on the lines about being so coked out and on E he doesnt remember shit. He is still zoned in on me this whole time…”

    Best line, no pun intended, of the story.

  • dignan says:

    Honestly, I wish it hadn’t happened. I didn’t have a good laugh about it, or tell too many people until recently.

    My buddy thought it was a riot, but he and I aren’t that close nowadays.

    I compared it to a guy walking in with a fucking machine gun, and my buddy says, “Hey that guy in the corner has a gun and is going to blow your head off.”

    Anyways…Tito was a wreck. A few weeks ago on MMAplayground, I read a story about Tito being the main speaker at an event for ex-drug users. I commented there about it, because Tito speaking about being clean is fucking hilarious.

  • ted dibiase says:

    shit dude. you might have been able to take him if he was on drugs. he’d be fighting sloppy as hell. you shoulda just rammed your thumbs into his eyes. i would have if he attacked me in mexico. no lie.

    good story tho.

    id love to see tito vs houston

  • Shit if he’s on speed he’d be hyper aggro. If he’s on meth he’ll lay and pray you like no tommorow

  • stellar53 says:

    Tito is the greatest….

  • nem0 says:

    Lay and pray? More like lay and assrape. Fucking meth heads will hump anything that’s relatively warm and squishy.

  • dignan says:

    Yah…when I got home I had a buddy tell me I should have just let him do whatever, and when I got my chance just bite a huge chunk out of his arm…

    The way he was acting, I think it would’ve just made him even madder…but whatever.

    The fucking cholo next to me was ready to stab him, and he was a little piece of shit.

    Anyways…glad most of you liked the recap.