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Don’t do what Mike Pyle did

A lot of people are feeling kinda bad for Mike Pyle right now because he’s basically been labeled a sexist jerk. I’d like to point out that he’s probably not sexist or a jerk … he’s just a moron. Let’s take a look at all the stupid things he’s done that have led up to him being stupid as far as we’re concerned:

  • Stupid Mike Pyle move #1 : Turning down a chance to fight for the EliteXC belt
  • Stupid Mike Pyle move #2 : Refusing to resign with the company that gave you a title shot
  • Stupid Mike Pyle move #3 : Calling yourself top tier talent after washing out of the IFL.
  • Stupid Mike Pyle move #4 : Saying you’re insulted that your fight is ‘under’ a women’s MMA bout.
  • Stupid Mike Pyle move #5 : Losing like a bitch in the first round after claiming you’re a fucking superstar.

In the end, Mike Pyle could have handled this entire situation differently. There’s no worse time to declare you’re ‘the man’ than before a fight with someone as dangerous as Jake Shields. Because then when you lose, people say you’re full of shit. It doesn’t matter how hardcore the guy you lost to is (and Jake is pretty fucking hardcore) – you still end up looking dumb.

  • Jonathan says:

    I think the prick got just what he deserves and I hope that he realizes that Mike Pyle is not the Ricky Henderson of MMA.

  • Carano fights, in my opinion, are just as exciting as Chuck Liddell fights. I’ve heard Mike Pyle’s name about 3 times and I’ve never seen him fight.

  • steve24 says:

    Shields said that knee didn’t hurt him but to me he definitely looked rocked. It’s a good thing he didn’t win that fight because that would have been Stupid Mike Pyle move #6.

  • Yeah, that whole “The knee didn’t hurt me” thing was bullshit. The guy was gone in the head and coasting on instinct for the next minute.

  • Lifer says:

    dunno how nick can train with jake all the time and not pickup any of his takedown hints. nick diaz takedowns are looking as sloppy as jason mcdonalds now.

    on a side note : did mike pyle just ruin xtreme couture’s winning streak? i’m pretty sure he did. that would be stupid move #6

  • GonzoDamon says:

    Shields was not hurt by that knee, nor anything else that Mike tried!! I love watching a douche get his dues.

    I thought that Shields ate a nasty knee en route to that takedown too, but upon closer inspection (ala the slo-mo replay) it hit his chest. The most that it could have done is rattle him a bit, but it didn’t seem to.

    Shields wasn’t hurt at all by the knee. Pyle pushed on Shields’ shoulder to deter the takedown, which pushed Jake into the mat. As Shields stood back up, he covered to defend those standing-up strikes.

    It’s funny how much perception changes the way you think. When watching the fight at first, I thought that Jake was hurt bad by that knee. It wasn’t until the replay that the truth became clear.

    And that is my quota for irrelevant discussion today…

  • Thomas says:

    A knee to the chest hurst also, takes out the wind.
    Mike Pyle not as good as he thinks. He got “pwned” by Shields.

  • Ted Dibiase says:

    but did he get pyle drived? thats what I, the million dollar man, would have done. ive been practicing on virgil

  • Jonathan says:

    Mike Pyle sucks!

  • Alan Jackson says:

    Pyle is getting HORRIBLE management advice. His agent is a JOKE.

  • He’s going heel. I predict in an upcoming match his trainer will distract the ref while he applies a stomping eye gouge.