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Don’t cry for Gilbert Melendez

There’s been a great big pity party a brewin’ for Gilbert Melendez and all the other guys ‘stuck’ in Strikeforce when we’ve deemed them worthy of crossing over to the UFC. Now that Zuffa and Strikeforce have come to terms, Dana White has promised he won’t strip the promotion for parts any more, leaving them in what amounts to a kind of fight purgatory.

Dana has declared he’s going to make Strikeforce an awesome place that everyone will be happy to fight in, but you gotta figure for the guys who could actually hang in the UFC, Strikeforce will still mean less money, less exposure, and the exciting prospect of losing to someone you probably shouldn’t have even been fighting in the first place.

But I just don’t feel bad for Gilbert Melendez. Yeah, he’s probably the best guy on the roster and if he was in the UFC he’d find himself right up there in belt contention. Everyone has been all “Woe is Gil” since the portal between promotions was sealed just before he could squeak through, but not me. Because I remember that back in February his contract with Strikeforce was up, and rather than take the opportunity to move to the UFC and fight the best he decided to re-signed with Strikeforce.

I don’t begrudge any fighter that decides to make his coin fighting lesser competition outside the UFC, but I’m not going to cry when they get Alvarez’d doing it. It’s kinda like how Nick Diaz talked endless shit about GSP and half the guys in the UFC, only to re-up with Strikeforce even though there was no one left for him to fight. Either you wanna fight the best or you don’t. If you do, you go to the UFC. Otherwise, shut yer facehole.

Gilbert Melendez will be fine. He’s the shiniest jewel in an otherwise ratty crown. Less lucky are guys like Luke Rockhold and Tim Kennedy, dudes who will continue to toil in relative obscurity as they’re unable to get the attention or competition necessary to move themselves up the rankings.

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