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Don’t call us, we’ll call you

Proving that there isn’t an aspect of MMA that the UFC can’t sell to a sponsor, the UFC has teamed up with to take fighter applications. Not only does this make the UFC a few bucks, but it may also keep underqualified and delusional morons from sending their garbage to emails!

With thousands of fighters applying annually to the UFC for the opportunity to fight in the Octagon, applicants can now post their profiles, videos, photos and their fight history on A simple application is then automatically shared directly with UFC management for their review.

“Together with the UFC, we’ve created a streamlined process that makes it simple for new fighters and UFC management to connect with each other. There is also a social component that makes it easy for general public to get involved. People can talk with fighters, watch videos of applicants, and show their support for their favorite fighters,” said Lawrence Vaughan, co-founder of

The most popular applicants determined by public support will be featured 24/7 on and Based on public feedback and UFC management’s evaluation, the next new fighters for UFC will be selected on a recurring basis.

Jobbi is kinda like had an idiot baby with Myspace – it’s slow and ugly and deserves to be thrown in a dumpster. Maybe Jobbi should have taken the tens of thousands of dollars they spent attracting wannabe cage fighters with shallow skillsets and spent it on making the site look less like a high school computer class project.

I suppose it’s no surprise, but many of the applicants also seem a bit … lacking. Not just in experience but intelligence as well:

I am a regular person but after seing one episode of UFC it got my interest since then i desided i will apply and never lose if possible let me fight every other person that apply and if i win every single fight hire me other than that i want to gain 100 or more punds and be able to pick up the heavies weight from 100- 1000 pounds. I also want to apply in boxing so i can get double the experience and be good in UFC and in boxing will exercise from morning to night if necessary give me a chance know or even years from know

I feel kinda bad if this shit is ‘automatically shared with UFC management.’ Sifting through this garbage for the few legit entries is the kind of job you wouldn’t wish on an outsourced Indian making 2 dollars an hour. I look forward to seeing how many superstars this turns up over the next six months!