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Donald Cerrone continues to shit on Jamie Varner

Donald Cerrone continues to shit on Jamie Varner:

“As far as Jamie Varner as a fighter, I respect the [expletive] out of the guy,” Cerrone said. “He’s a good fighter, a great fighter. As far as Jamie Varner as a person, I don’t respect him at all.

“I don’t have anything bad to say about his fight game. I think he’s a game dude, and he’s an awesome fighter. But when it comes to him running his mouth after? How he exited that fight is nothing but his own, so he can’t point the finger and blame me.”

And while the war of words between the two rages on, Cerrone says he’s looking to forward to a second shot at the champ in the cage – if it ever comes.

“At UFC 101, we had some words,” Cerrone said. “I got him alone in a back room. [Expletive] was about to go down. The things I said to him as a man, I can’t believe you would stand there and take it. But, he did.

“I just think he’s trying to dodge me. I think he wants to keep fighting and do it, I just don’t think he wants to do it with me.”