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Don King is a great man

Dana White doesn’t like being called the Don King of MMA … that’s probably because Don King is a murderer and a crook. The Fight Lawyer has some details about a court case Don King just lost over an ESPN documentary where they laid out just a few of King’s exploits:

1. Elbaum indicated that King organized a benefit exhibition fight for Forest City Hospital. The hospital only received $1,500 out of the $85,000 in ticket sales.

2. Elbaum described a private conversation he had with Meldrick Taylor in which they discussed Taylor being owed $1,300,000 for a fight, and King giving Meldrick a check for only $300,000.

3. Elbaum asserted that King threatened to have Meldrick Taylor killed.

4. Elbaum stated that King convinced doctors to invest $250,000 in a movie about his life that was never made.

5. Newfield described an encounter he had with King at a press conference where King went crazy and threatened to kill him.

That’s in addition to the former employee he kicked to death over a $600 debt, aaaaand mountains and mountains of other crazy shit to voluminous to list.