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Don Frye says M-1 doesn’t have it’s shit together

I was kinda worried that we’d never find out why Don Frye had pulled out of his fight against King Mo at M-1’s Breakthrough card. Fortunately, snarky comments from M-1 CEO Joost Raimond drew Frye out and got him to unleash some epic shit talking of his own. Here’s some of the comments he made on MMA Junkie Radio. I did my best to edit the swearing back in:

“I didn’t drop out; I walked away,” Frye recently told Radio ( “I didn’t want to talk to anybody about this, but I’ll talk to you fellas because you’re my amigos.

“This is business that should be conducted between me and Joost, or Roost, whatever his name is. But he got on the internet and did a Dana White/Perez Hilton internet blog and started talking shit.”

“Here’s the deal: [The event] didn’t just move from L.A.,” Frye said. “It went from the Staples Center to the L.A. Convention Center. From the L.A. convention center to the Hilton in Las Vegas. From the Hilton in Las Vegas to an Indian casino on the Oklahoma-Texas border. From the Indian casino on the Oklahoma-Texas border to an Indian casino up in Tulsa, which is North Oklahoma. And from there up to Kansas City, Mo.

“So you know, after four or five times changing the venue, and then we asked [Raimond] ‘Hey, what are you doing for advertising? Are you sending a photographer out to Don’s house?’ He says, ‘No, we’re just going to use stock photos off the Internet.'”

With a complete lack of faith in the promoter, Frye said he made the difficult decision to walk away.

“So they don’t know where the hell they’re going to have it,” Frye said. “They’re not putting any money into advertising. So at that point we said, ‘You know what? You just ain’t got your shit together. We’re walking away.'”

Frye said he would have been happy keeping quiet about the entire situation, but Raimond’s release forced him to speak.

“That’s something that’s between me and Joost, but he had to go and get on the fucking Internet and pull this bullshit, so then it opened it up to the whole fucking world,” Frye said. “That’s his fault, not mine.

“The position of douchebag fight promoter, who thinks he’s tough because he hangs out with fighters and insults fighters – that position’s already taken. We don’t need that, OK?”

God bless Don Frye. I’m wearing an American flag speedo all day in his honor. That last awesome comment might close the door on a Coleman-style UFC sendoff, but at least he’ll still be fighting for UFO noodles. Oh, and for a promotion called ‘Shark Fights’ on September 12th against the always entertaining Dave ‘Pee Wee’ Herman.