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Don Frye is still winning

How many more years do you figure we have before all the pioneers of MMA stop fighting? For every Randy Couture and Dan Severn doing well in the twilight of their careers, you have guys like Ken Shamrock embarrassing himself, Mark Coleman hanging on WAY past his expiration date, and Don Frye continuing to get into epic punchups with fighters young enough to be his illegitimate children. But I suppose I can’t criticize Don all that much. Since 2006, he’s gone 5-2-1 including a first round sub win this weekend over a former national judo champ. From MMA Mania:

In the fight that sent the crowd into a frenzy, Don Frye and Rich Moss engaged in a classic staredown. Moss got in Frye’s face, something Frye didn’t take too kindly to. The referee had to step in and make sure these two waited for the bell to sound.

The fight started out with the two pressed up against the cage. An accidental low blow by Moss sent Frye to his knees before action resumed.

The fight went back against the cage and then in a sudden burst of textbook judo, Rich Moss applied a perfect throw only to have Frye ready and waiting. Moss’s judo throw was countered perfectly, with Frye transitioning into a gift wrapped rear naked choke. After the fight was stopped, Moss and Frye exchanged more words only to have them hugging it out after Frye’s hand was raised in victory.

When asked about the pre-fight machismo by Moss, Frye said, “Some jackass in Japan started that crap with me about 5 years ago and ever since then, everyone feels the need to put their nose against my nose. I am getting pretty tired of it and I might have to start punching people when it happens. As far as Moss, he is a great judo practitioner so I am going to be a man and fight him in a straight judo match next. I will put my pajamas on and meet him in a tournament somewhere.”

In regards to his MMA future, Don said he would like to go back to Japan and fight for his fans over there. He quipped that he liked the look of the Shark Fights belt and may have to take it away from the young Schoonever.

Don Frye creeps me out because you never know if he’s doing more squats in front of the beer fridge than at the gym. In America he’s got young guys trying to make a name off him and in Japan he’s got whatever insanity they decide to throw at him … maybe it’s against Minowa man or maybe it’ll be against Mark Hunt. Whichever it is, I can’t shake the worry that Frye isn’t going to retire until people stop booking him (aka never) or something bad happens.