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Don Frye, actor

Don Frye ‘quits’ the sport – MMA Weekly’s quotations, not mine. Probably because we’re all used to fighters ‘quitting’ until they ‘return’. What will the Predator do now? Act.

“I got lucky, the luck of the Irish,” said Frye of his recent acting exploits. “Michael Mann likes me for some reason. He’s put me to work three times; on Miami Vice, Public Enemies, and then he chose me for the AT&T commercial.

“I always have a great time working with Michael Mann. He’s a class act. The food is top of the line, the accommodations are top of the line, and he treats everybody with respect – that is very uncommon in the MMA world.”

While Frye had initially intended acting to be something of a side gig, he has enjoyed increasingly better opportunities from it, leading him to decide it is time to step away from the sport that first put him on the worldwide scene.

“I’m pretty much quitting MMA. I’ve had enough of the (expletive). I’m done with it,” announced Frye. “The competitive urges still flow through me, but I’m tired of the (expletive) of the promoters.

“I’m tired of the (expletive) treatment, being lied to and tired of getting bounced checks from people. They can go pound sand as far as I’m concerned.”

There’s an expression I haven’t heard since 1876. I guess Don Frye is bringing it back. As for who he’s specifically telling to pound sand, I figure at least one party is M-1, who jerked Frye around a few months ago on their Breakthrough card.

Unlike a lot of the other MMA guys bitten by the acting bug, Frye seems to understand that he’ll be spending a lot of time taking tiny roles and clawing his way up. As unfortunate as it is to see a character like Don Frye ‘leave’, the dude is 44 years old. In 10 years time the sport is going to be awash in has beens that age who refuse to go quietly into retirement. So I’m not about to be that sad about one who seems to be actually seizing an opportunity to move into another field.