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Dominance, Brock’s shot, Toney, and Herschel

Pookie275 asks:

Do you think that the UFC will have issues with champions that are too dominant? Silva, GSP, Penn

Just last year everyone was starting to worry that belts were changing hands in MMA too much, and now we’ve gone the other direction and are worried that stagnancy is gonna be a problem. Don’t worry: BJ Penn is already talking about heading back to welterweight, we need to see GSP eat a good punch to the face before declaring him invincible, and Anderson Silva would have sabotaged his career long ago if the UFC hadn’t stopped him.

acadianbacon asks:

Do you think the frequency of MMA events helps the sport or kills any potential hype?

I don’t think there’s enough MMA yet. Right now we’re sitting in a position where it’ll be weeks before the next event, and that sucks for fans.

Do you think B. Lesnar being champ is bullshit? If not, do you think how he got there is bullshit (silver platter, anyone?)

You don’t have to be a brain surgeon to understand why Lesnar got his title shot. If you’re gonna bitch about undeserving people, why not talk about Thales Leites or something. There’s a guy who didn’t earn a shot based on his record, wasn’t capable of selling a single pay per view, and then sucked copious amounts of cock during his title fight.

Brock on the other hand did jump the line, but he also sold a fuckload of PPVs, elevated the sport to the level where ESPN decided to start covering it (sad, but true), and most importantly of all WON THE BELT. And then defended it. All in entertaining fashion. The beauty of MMA is if there’s anyone more deserving of the belt than him, then all they have to do is win it from him.

What’s worse: James Toney fighting MMA or Herschel Walker?

Here’s the thing: I’d be interested in seeing James Toney get taken down and beaten up in the UFC. Serves him right for being such an ignorant douchebag. As for watching Herschel Walker take his first baby steps in the cage on Showtime against an opponent they think he might be able to beat? Not so interested. Major leagues propping weak fighters up bugs the shit out of me. If you need to bring in special opponents for them to hang, then they don’t belong.