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That doesn’t look contagious at all

I’m not exactly sure how he was cleared by the NSAC to fight with a nasty contagious staph-hole on his spine, but the commission did know about it and Matt Hamill was indeed allowed to fight regardless. Here’s what Hamill’s camp told MMA Fighting about the situation:

“The doctors and the Commission were aware and repeatedly examined the red mark on Matt’s back,” Holmes told me. “They concluded that it was healing and hardened to the point that it posed no threat to Matt or anyone else inside the Octagon.”

So basically the reasoning was it was all scabbed up and that meant it wasn’t a problem. We are talking about staph, right? The SUPER CONTAGIOUS bacteria that spreads through fight camps like wildfire and is only getting deadlier / more transferable as time goes on? What would have happened if Jardine had taken Hamill down (I know, I know, but just play along) and that sore got dragged across the canvas? There’s no way you can tell me that thing wasn’t leaking staph juice during the fight.

How he was allowed to fight is just wacky … it reminds me of the time they let Diego Sanchez fight with a mystery illness they thought at one point might be hepatitis. Fortunately for everyone, they found out after they let him fight that it was just staph. Whew, huh?