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Doesn’t anyone check their calendars?

In addition to Affliction’s retarded attempt to bring the fight back to the UFC, it now looks like Floyd Mayweather may return to the ring on the same weekend as UFC 100 as well:

Rafael states in his report that HBO has earmarked July 11 as a scheduled date for that month’s edition of “World Championship Boxing” and that Mayweather’s camp has inquired about the possibility of fighting on the show.

Talks of Mayweather’s return are still considered to be in the preliminary stages and a potential opponent remains uncertain. However, Rafael’s article indicates that Mayweather could be willing to fight Juan Manuel Marquez, Shane Mosley, or the winner of an upcoming fight between Manny Pacquiao and Ricky Hatton.

If this was any other card, I might be concerned for the UFC. But this is UFC 100 we’re talking about, and it features Brock fucking Lesnar and Georges St Pierre both taking on legitimate opponents. You could feature Fedor and Josh Barnett pig-roasting Floyd Mayweather on CBS and it still wouldn’t be enough to make me consider watching something else.

While we’re still not sure what’s going on in the minds of Affliction Entertainment’s rocket scientists, I think this is just HBO not paying attention to what’s happening and frankly not giving a shit. They know ESPN will pay attention to Floyd Mayweather’s return, but the real question is if they’ll pay more attention to that than the freakshow element Brock Lesnar brings to the table? And I would be amazed if Floyd had the balls to take on someone that had a chance of beating him. He already left once rather than face any proper challenges, so what makes anyone think he’s back for any reason other than boredom and benjamins?