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This does not look good

Who knows what the fuck went on between Jenna Jameson and Tito Ortiz over the past 15 hours. On Saturday they were enjoying the WEC, betting on the outcome of fights with eachother. On Sunday, it was ‘Sushi on Fire’ together. All in that gagworthy ‘we are soooo in love’ way they always seem to act.

Now all of a sudden we have footage of Tito Ortiz in handcuffs (and Punishment shorts, boy that man pushes his brand hard) and the above video of Jenna saying she’s going to press charges. What the fuck could have set this shit off? And why, after such a great night of MMA on Saturday, do we now have to return to more gutter trash drama? ‘TUF Coach Punches Pornstar / Mother of His Children’ is not the best headline in the world.