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Does Frankie Edgar need to cut?

Every time a fighter loses a fight to a bigger guy in his division, this is an inevitable topic of conversation: does that guy need to cut down a division? In lots of cases, yeah. Michael Bisping dropping to Middleweight was a great idea (although I’m still not sure if his size was the main problem there). Brandon Vera most definitely needs to drop down. And so on and so on.

Latest fighter who needs to drop down? Frankie Edgar. Well, I’d say he should if the drop from 155 to 145 didn’t drum him right out of the UFC. That’s the sticky situation with guys at lightweight … there’s nowhere to drop to. Frankie Edgar has already used hardcore chutzpah to establish himself as a dangerous lightweight. Would he do even better fighting guys his own size at featherweight? Fuck yeah. But is that worth ending up in the WEC? Nah, not right now at least.

We’ve talked about this with Clay Guida too … the guy could take a big shit and make 145. What a force for the featherweight division, if that didn’t mean fighting in front of 800 people at the freaking Hard Rock. I’m sure the UFC would offer guys like Guida and Edgar the same money as an investment in the WEC, but it’s still not much of a career choice. It’s getting there I suppose. Where before you just had Urijah Faber on high, now you’ve got Pulver in there too and Jeff Curran. But compared to the UFC’s lightweight division, the WEC’s featherweight division is thin like a coke-addicted socialite.

  • Higgz says:

    I wish Zuffa wasn’t so insistent about building the two brands separately. Throwing some WEC fights on a week UFC card would be awesome publicity for WEC and it’s fighters as well as make cards featuring Rashad Evans in a main event suck less.

    Maybe they could follow the WWE pattern and the WEC belt could be like the Intercontinental Title, eh? Now we’re on to something…

  • FRANKIE says:

    I’ve heard the UFC is going to be adding a featherweight division soon. I just can’t remember where I heard it or when it’s supposed to happen. If it’s true, though, that could be a good option for Edgar. Of course, another good option might be training at altitude for fights in Colorado, or at least acclimating to the thin air for more than a few days before the fight.

  • most of the fighters had been there for a week or two leading up to the fights. Did Edgar skip that?

  • FRANKIE says:

    I think I read something where he said he wasn’t going to head up there early. Yeah, here it is:

    I hope that link works.

  • Xavier says:

    The good thing about him fighting 155 is the same thing that was good about Jens Pulver fighting 155. They put on quality, good fights and build a following… then when they drop to the WEC, they can be billed as superstars even when they haven’t won in a while.

    Pulver vs. Faber is a good example of this, I’m very much looking forward to this fight, mostly because of the Pulver-UFC transition (and hey, that WEC puts on fantastic fight cards that don’t get enough praise to begin with).